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Boost your TCPA compliance confidence with Danal.

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Lower your Total Cost of Operation

Benefit from operational and cost efficiencies with our smart solution. Once a number is verified, it stays verified until you are told otherwise. You will be notified whenever a previously verified number gets reassigned.

Take advantage of real-time

Tests have proven that a solution based on authentic real-time ownership data minimizes false positives and false negatives. Risk exposure with Danal's solution measured at less than one percent compared to high single to double digit percentages for other competing products.

Make better decisions with better data

Most up-to-date data for a number leads to better decisions. Besides ownership verification, you also get line type (landline/mobile/VOIP), porting history, account type (prepaid/postpaid) and status (active/inactive) to determine risk associated with dialing a phone number.